CJ Ramone plus Special Guest – AUSVERKAUFT!

Leute, ein Traum wird wahr, ein Highlight des Jahres steht bevor:
CJ RAMONE, einzig legitimer Erbe der RAMONES und seit 1989 bis zum Ende deren Bassist (ersetzte damals DeeDee Ramone auch als Einzähler und Co-Sänger) kommt im Sommer auf Tour und macht auch bei uns im LUX Halt!
Out of the seven billion or so people on the planet, only seven men have been lucky enough to be gifted with the Ramone surname. As of 2017, four have already headed off to that great gig in the sky. Thankfully, CJ Ramone has no plans to leave any time soon. CJ Ramone is as important a part of punk rock history as anyone else you can think of, and the best part is he’s just getting started.“When you’re in the Ramones family, you’re a Ramone for life,” CJ says. “Richie Ramone still has it; Marky Ramone still has it; hell, Johnny Ramone’s wife changed her last name to Ramone. I absolutely feel obliged to keep the legacy going. I 100 percent do. I feel it. I don’t sit down and try to write Ramones songs, but I was a huge fan since I was a kid. I played in the band for seven years. I’m undeniably influenced hugely by them. I’ve heard people say what I do sounds like the Ramones. Of course it does! How could it not?“
CJ RAMONE stellt sein aktuelles Album „American Beauty“ vor…
Als Support dabei: Dee CRACKS (Österreich, hervorgegangen aus der Band The Cretins)….