Death Alley + special guest: Honeymoon Disease

Shake off your mortal coil, says Death Alley.

After a period of relentless touring and turmoil, the Dutch powerhouse is re-invented, re-born, and  ready to take on the world with their refined brand of infectious yet challenging rock n‘ roll.  Set for release in March 2018 through Century Media Records, ‚Superbia‘ is the follow-up to the  2015 debut album ‚Black Magick Boogieland‘.

”This album is very much about being able to, and having the courage to, break with burdens from  the past and accepting, facing and going through the struggle towards a distant or future sun”, says  singer Douwe Truijens. ”Where ‚Black Magick Boogieland‘ is the invitation to a parallel  universe of the unknown, this one is about what you get when you accept the invite.”

Formed in Amsterdam in 2013, Death Alley is a rare mix of punk attitude and diligent, musical  precision. As crossover as it gets while still keeping focus – the fourpiece holds King Crimson as close to their hearts as The Stooges; Hawkwind and Poison Idea are loved in equal measure; the  acid flows, but this ain’t no hippie band. Fueling this relentless machine of seeming contradictions  is a pure love for great music, and a restless thirst for the deep end of the pool. No risk? No reward.  First you acknowledge that coil around your neck, then you shake it off.

On stage Douwe is flanked by guitar prodigy Oeds Beydals and the latest addition to the group –  bassist Sander Bus. Oeds first made a name for himself in the now legendary Dutch rock band The  Devil’s Blood. Anchoring the line-up since 2016 is Swedish drummer Uno Bruniusson, most  notably known for his work in In Solitude and Procession. Together they have a reputation as one of the most energetic live acts on the contemporary rock scene – as proven on the road, counting  Kadavar, The Shrine and Dirty Fences as a few of their touring partners from the last few years.

”We were never a band that was set in stone since the start”, says the guitarist. ”Rather, we wanted  to become a band while playing, and see what would happen if you put people with different influences together. Instead of already having all the songs, image and story, and jumping on that.  So it’s really a melting pot of all the characters in the band and it’s grown towards a sound very naturally.”

‚Superbia‘ marks a big step forward for the quartet – spiritually, but also technically. Produced by  Pieter „Pidah“ Kloos (The Devil’s Blood, Motorpsycho, DOOL), the new tracks are some of the  most demanding the band’s ever written, even going as far as flirting with prog rock. A fascinating development for a group named after a Zeke album.

”We have this polarity of having a hardcore and punk background, and moving from that into more  psychedelic and sometimes even prog-ish territory. We always try to play with a primal soul,  but also execute it with a somewhat classical precision”, says Oeds.

And so Death Alley moves into 2018 rejuvenated, taking a huge breath of air, resurfacing from that deep end of the pool.

”We have taken big risks, and necessarily so”, Douwe concludes. ”Right now it’s as if you’re on your way to town on Saturday night and the dope is starting to kick in.”

Douwe Truijens – Lead vocals
Oeds Beydals – Guitars & backing vocals
Sander Bus – Bass
Uno Bruniusson – Drums

Fotocredit: Lupus Lindemann