Lejana are a mexican-german rock band formed in Guadalajara México, in 2011. The band consists of Linda Marlen Runge (lead vocals, piano and bass), Eder Perales (guitar), Isaac Fernandez (drums), Daniel Barrera (bass and backing vocals) and Saúl Ledesma (piano, synths and guitar).

In 2015 the band focused on the composition of a new record. On this occasion, most of the songs were composed face to face, in person, programming and alternating visits of Linda to Guadalajara or Eder to Berlin (unlike the first album which was mostly composed remotely), in addition Daniel Barrera, bass player of the band contributed for the first time to the song composition process.

This new way of working had a strong impact on the sound and direction of the band.

In 2016 the band is signed by the German label „Out of Line Records“ and at the beginning of 2017 they start recording at „Sonic Ranch Studios“ in Texas and at „Silo TV Studios“ in Los Angeles with the support of recording engineer Gordon Fordyce (David Bowie, Devo, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe, Elton John, Thin Lizzy, Seal, etc.) and with the co-production of Oumi Kapila (Filter, Combichrist – Kapila’s music appears in movie trailers like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Life, and TV series like The X-Files and video games like Middle-earth: Shadow of Warand Dark Souls III).

In April of 2018 the album was finished and sent to mastering to Steve Hall (Jimmy Hendrix, The Beach Boys, George Harrison, Blondie, Tom Petty, Jane’s Addiction, Deep Purple, Yes, Motörhead, Alice in Chains, Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, Madonna, Green Day etc).

The album is called “XII Bestias” (Twelve Beasts) and contains 12 unreleased tracks that combine both aggresive punk energy and elaborated melancholic vocal harmonies from Linda, with musical sounds from desolated Mexican landscapes, forgotten ghost towns. A road trip through the desert, maybe at night.

Fotocredit: Lejana