Mad Rollers


From Rome and from the ashes of SantaFè Pornorockerz and half of the Aliens are
born the Mad Rollers … after several line-up changes they square the circle with the
current line-up that releases Proto Punk on stage and insane desire to have fun
under it. In 2017 the first single for SURFIN ‚KI RECORDS comes out: „Frenk /
Let me Fly“ immediately collects good reviews and the live activity of the
Capitoline team becomes frenetic, touching different cities of the boot.
In 2019 the new single for the American „Sister Raygun Records“ is released,
which promises to be an unmissable gem for selectors, with two hits.
2020 record their first LP which will be released in the summer for the Contra
Records (DE) label with the participation of Spaghetti Town Records (USA) the
disc includes Neo Glam, Bovver Rock sounds recorded live in Rome at
GreemMountainAudio (Giuda, Furies, Human Race, Taxi ,, Aliens, etc.)
production by Danilo Silvestri and DiNapoli Marco under the supervision of Tim