Messer Chups – plus special guest: The Hawaiians

Eines von ganz wenigen Konzerten in Deutschland! Die Surf-/Billy-/Exotica-Legende kommt ins LUX!
The group was founded by Oleg Gitarkin who has already been played with Oleg Kostrow.
In 2003, the producer of Messer Chups, Oleg Tarasov, invited Lydia Kavina to join them. Together, they released several albums and reworked their previous versions. In 2005, Messer Chups became a duo consisting of Gitarkin and ZombieGirl on bass. In 2007, they became a trio, with drummer Denis „Kashey“ Kuptzov. In 2008, they changed their drummer.
Messers‘ music was often built on a surf drums on which they were built, collages of source samples, such as jazz, soundtracks and animation.