Pallett, the alternative voice of Iran’s current generation, seamlessly blends contemporary and classical Persian poetry, navigating a nuanced dialogue between modern social issues and cultural heritage. Comprising three classically trained musicians, Pallett defies musical conventions by infusing their compositions with modern motifs.

Recognized as pioneers in alternative music, their authentic sound combines classical, traditional, jazz, rock, gypsy, and Iranian folk influences. Pallett’s enduring success domestically and abroad attests to their unwavering dedication. Integrating Iranian and eastern scales into western instruments, they transitioned from an unconventional band to a mainstream phenomenon.

Standing out in their genre, Pallett has amassed massive audiences nationwide and internationally, with sold-out shows in Europe, Australia, USA, and Brazil. Their journey, marked by hundreds of successful performances, highlights their relentless momentum and global appeal. Pallett remains an unstoppable force, captivating diverse audiences worldwide.

Pallett has started its 2024 world tour titled ‚Ba Man Khial Kon‘ (Imagine with Me), spanning across Australia, Europe, and North America. Building on the success of its previous tour eight years ago, the band plans to captivate audiences with performances showcasing songs from their latest album ‚Nesf ol Nahar Mabda‘ (Prime Meridian), along with their popular hits such as ‚Mosallas,‘ ‚Tamam e Natamam,‘ and ‚Naro Baman’.

Pallett hat mit seiner Welttournee 2024 mit dem Titel ‚Ba Man Khial Kon‘ (träum mit mir) begonnen, die sich über Australien, Europa und Nordamerika erstreckt. Aufbauend auf dem Erfolg ihrer vorherigen Tour vor acht Jahren plant die Band, das Publikum mit ihren Aufführungen zu begeistern, bei denen Songs aus ihrem neuesten Album ‚Nesf ol Nahar Mabda‘ (Nullmeridian) sowie ihre beliebten Hits wie ‚Mosallas‘, ‚Tamam e Natamam‘ und ‚Naro Baman‘ präsentiert werden.