War Cloud

With a 2014 ignition in Oakland, California, War Cloud has left a smoking path across much of the USA and Europe. Formed and led by Alex Wein (vocals, guitars) after planting his amps in the Bay Area, he unified a crew with Nick Burks on guitar, Sam Harman on Bass and Joaquin Ridgell on drums. In 2020, the band moved its headquarters to Austin, Texas.
Taking a classic 70s heavy rock and 80s power metal approach and then aggressively dousing it in modern metal sophistication, embracing their recognizable dual guitar harmonies, proto-metal licks, hard charging rhythms, adding heavy surges of British and Southern metal to inspire the fire. War Cloud has released 2 albums, both on Ripple Music, ‘War Cloud’ (2017) and ‘State Of Shock’ (2019) and the forthcoming, ‘Earhammer Sessions’, also being released by Ripple in May 2020. Electrifying audiences for 6 years, from the opening sound of an air raid siren to final blast of sparks and smoke, War Cloud takes no prisoners with their own style of high energy heavy metal.

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